September Meeting 2014 SPP 1736
The first meeting of SPP 1736 will take place in Frankfurt am Main at Westend Campus of Goethe University Frankfurt from Monday September 29 to Wednesday October 1. Weitere Infos gibt es hier .
Info Meeting 2014 SPP 1736
On Wednesday June 11 a info meeting of SPP 1736. will take place in Frankfurt am Main at Campus Riedberg of Goethe University Frankfurt. For more information please look here .
SPP 1736 "Algorithm for Big Data" has started.
Further information can be found at
Big Data Workshop 2013
The "Big Data Wokshop 2013" will be on Marth, 4th in Frankfurt am Main. Further information can be found here.
Logo: Land der Ideen
Award: Selected Landmark 2011 in the Land of Ideas
Our project EcoSort - Energy-efficient Sorting was awarded the title Selected Landmark 2011 by the contest 365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas.
The award ceremony will be held at 16:30 on April 6th, 2011 at the Days of Computer Science (Flyer).

Talk "Parallel Computing - A Theoretical Perspective"
On Monday, December 20th, at 2:00 p.m. in room NM 130 (neue Mensa) Nodari Sitchinava (Aarhus University, MADALGO) will give a talk about
Parallel Computing - A Theoretical Perspective
Four new universities added to our computer science Erasmus partners.
All seminar places assigned
The places for the seminar Aktuelle Themen im Algorithm Engineering in winter semester 2010/2011 have all been assigned.
Seminar places still available
There are still available places for the seminar Aktuelle Themen im Algorithm Engineering in winter semester 2010/2011. For registration please e-mail Andreas Beckmann.
World record in energy efficient sorting
We are currently holding the world record in energy efficient sorting, JouleSort! EcoSort results are about three times more energy efficient in sorting 10 and 100 gigabytes of data than the next contestant. Sorting one terabyte of data is even four times better than the second place.
Recently accepted papers (co)authored by our group members.
  • George Christodoulou, Annamaria Kovacs.
    A deterministic truthful PTAS for scheduling related machines. SODA 2010
  • Gerth Brodal, Allan Jorgensen, Gabriel Moruz, and Thomas Molhave.
    Counting in the Presence of Memory Faults. ISAAC 2009
  • Annamaria Kovacs, Ulrich Meyer, Gabriel Moruz, and Andrei Negoescu.
    Online Paging for Flash Memory Devices. ISAAC 2009