Lecture: Algorithm Engineering 1 (M-AE1, PO08, 8CP, 3+2)

Lecture: Algorithm Engineering 1 (AE1, PO15, 5CP, 2+1) / Algorithm Engineeing 2 (AE2, PO15, 5CP, 2+1)

Die Klausureinsicht findet am Freitag, den 26.07.19, von 14:00 bis 15:00 (s.t.) in Raum 309 statt.


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Meyer
Tuesdays 12:00 - 14:00, SR 11 (R-M-S 11-15)
Wednsdays 12:00 - 14:00, SR 11 (R-M-S 11-15)


David Hammer
Hung Tran
Room 310
Manuel Penschuck
Room 312

Friday, 14:00 - 16:00, SR 11 (R-M-S 11-15)

Organisation of tutorials

We will issue problem sheets weekly on Tuesday; you have one week to complete the assignments and hand them in before Tuesday's lecture.
The solutions will then be discussed in the following tutorial.
The rules on bonification depend on the type of exam which will be announced in the near future.
Working in groups is suggested however if assignments are found to have been plagiarized we remove all points from the assignment on the first occurrence and the whole bonification on the second occurrence.


The lecture is held in English.
You can solve the assignments in German or in English.


Algorithm engineering applies development cycles with a close coupling of design, analysis, implementation,
and experimental evaluation in order to narrow the gap between theory and practice. A subset of the
following topics will be covered in the lecture:



There will be a written exam of 90 min (AE1 only, AE2 only for 5CP) or 180 min (AE1 + AE2 for 10CP, M-AE1 for 8CP).
Date: 25.07.2019, 9:00 - 12:00.
Location: Magnus-Hörsaal (Bockenheim)
Aids: None. Please, turn off all electrical devices (esp. mobile phones and smart watches) during the exam and do not carry them on you (put them in your bag).


Materials (including lecture notes and assignments) for students are here.